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Scientific Articles 

Numerous scholars have had as main focus of their research the study of the practice of Forest Bathing and Forest Therapy applied to science. Many positive psychophysical effects have emerged from these researches. 

Next you will find, for each of the cited fields, publications and peer-reviewed articles from the most accredited journals.

Here you will find a collection of articles explaining how nature and health go hand in hand.


The intriguing discovery that all living systems continuously emit ultra-weak endogenous photons has inspired numerous researchers to consider the information potential of biological photons as vectors for inter and intracellular communication.


Multiple researches have provided strong evidence on how a trip to the forest has provided for reducing stress, thinking more positively and facilitating recovery from the disease. 


Numerous researches have identified the benefits that the forest brings to our lungs.


The Forest Therapy program plays an important role as a prevention or therapeutic intervention for people with mild cognitive impairment.


After extensive studies it was determined that Forest Bathing had beneficial effects on patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD) thus reducing  inflammation  and the level of stress. 


The results of these studies have  provided evidence that Forest Bathing has a beneficial effect on patients with cardiovascular problems e  thus it may pave the way for the potential development of forest bathing as an effective adjunct therapy for cardiovascular disorders.


The biogenic volatile organic compounds, emitted by plants and accumulated in the forest atmosphere, contribute in an essential way to the healing effects of the forest and represent the focus of this study.


A series of investigations on both female and male subjects investigated the effects of Forest Bathing on their immune systems, with a particular focus on the activity of NK cells and T lymphocytes. 

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