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Language Education 

To consult the article in the desired language it is necessary to copy the URL placed in the gray bar next to the arrows located on the left and paste it in the box on the left of the Google Translate page , using the buttons and menus at the top of the page, then select the source language of the Web page you want to translate (eg English, Spanish, etc.) or, if you don't know it, set the Detect language option to allow the Google Translate algorithm to detect it automatically. Then select the target language (eg Italian) using the appropriate menu located on the right side of the page and click on the blue link that appeared in the box on the right. In the new page that opens, you should see the web page of your interest fully translated into the target language you have set.

These instructions are valid for every operating system, both MacOs and Microsoft. 

1. Copy and paste the text indicated by the red arrow

Schermata 2022-02-17 alle 15.59.57.png

2.  Paste the text in the box on the left, select the language and finally click on the blue link 

Schermata 2022-02-17 alle 16.06.24.png
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